About Help-U-Sell

Our mission is simple -  save our clients money in real estate transactions  

Our Philosophy

At Help-U-Sell, we believe there is a better way to sell and buy real estate.  A  more reasonable, less expensive way where home sellers and buyers pay for real estate transactions. That is why the Help-U-Sell fee is not based on the percentage of the sale price but a flat fee that is payable at closing. 

At Help-U-Sell, we are fully aware of the financial challenges people who have homes for sale incur. We have worked hard over the years to help our clients overcome such difficulties. As a result, we pioneered the set-fee model as an alternative to the dated 6% commission structure offered by traditional brokerage firms. This helps home sellers keep more of their hard-earned equity when selling their home.


We help homeowners keep their hard-earned

equity when selling their home


Help-U-Sell officially began in 1976, when Don Taylor opened his first office based on one idea. That idea would end up changing the way the real estate industry does business., Taylor was operating a real estate office in Southern California, but he was concerned that the real estate industry was unresponsive to the consumer’s wants and needs and also about the public’s image of a real estate agent.

His Help-U-Sell model was the pioneer for providing an alternative to the out-dated 6% commission structure.  He forged a revolution in the real estate industry by proactively challenging the 6% commission structure. What distinguishes Help-U-Sell from the competition is that the company never insists on fees based on a percentage of the sales price, allowing consumers to save thousands compared to what they would have spent on a traditional broker’s fee.

What We Do

Having existed for over 40 years, our goal is to save clients money in real estate transactions.  Our company operates as a real estate franchise and has more than 100 offices in 26 different States. All Help-U-Sell offices are owned and operated by highly experienced Real Estate Brokers and Realtors, who are committed to helping the consumers save money.

How We Do It

Our Real Estate Brokers and top real estate agents manage the entire home sale process, from the start to the end. Thus, all you need to do is to relax while we handle everything, including marketing, negotiations, home inspections, and escrow process. Of course, we also provide expert advice and representation to all clients. It is worthy to note that through our expertise and guidance, our clients can save an average of 2-3% compared to what they would have spent on the traditional 6% broker fee.

Our agents and brokers are reputable and trustworthy professionals who are also members of the National Association of Realtors. Thus, they are ever ready to follow the time tested Code of Ethics of the organization. Besides, our team values innovation, teamwork, and integrity and we couldn’t be more proud of the fact that we share a unified brand vision with our agents, real estate Brokers, and franchise owners.

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