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"Say Goodbye to High Realtor Commissions and Hello to a Smarter Way of Selling Your Home with Help-U-Sell. With 45+ Years of Expertise and Our Innovative Flat-Fee Approach, We Helped Homeowners Save Over $3 Million in Commission Costs last year."

Selling a Home

Reduce Commission Costs and Save Thousands 

Keep More of Your Equity with Help-U-Sell's Flat Fee Option for Selling Your Home. With Over 45 Years of Cost-Effective, Full-Service Experience, We Offer a Refreshing Alternative to Traditional Real Estate Commissions.

Our compensation plan is simple, based on a flat fee rather than a percentage of your home's sale price, potentially saving you thousands. No upfront or hidden fees, the flat fee is only payable at closing, upon the successful sale of your home. With this model, you can list your home at a market-friendly price, maintain bargaining power during negotiations, and increase your profits from the sale.

Maximize Your Profits and Retain More Equity with Our Three Home Selling Options

With Help-U-Sell, you have the flexibility to choose from three ways to sell your home, all designed to increase profits and save you thousands in comparison to traditional commission fees. Show your home yourself and host open houses, have a traditional real estate experience with our Realtor, or list your home in the MLS and let local agents bring buyers.

Regardless of your choice, you'll receive comprehensive real estate services from our licensed agents, including offer negotiations, evaluations, inspection and appraisal coordination, issue resolution, and more. Our team will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth and successful sale of your home. "

Buying a Home

Get More for Your Money with Our Buyer Rebate Program

Take advantage of our innovative Buyer Rebate program when purchasing your next home and maximize your savings. Our program offers substantial cashback to buyers, based on the purchase price of the home, giving you thousands of extra dollars.

The home-buying journey can be overwhelming, particularly with high home prices and limited options. That's why our program is designed to ease the stress and help you get more for your money by offering a generous rebate at closing. Use the cashback for closing costs, upgrades, furniture, moving expenses, or anything else you desire. Make your dream home a reality without worrying about the financial burden with our Buyer Rebate program.


"Don't overpay for real estate commissions ... let us help you save."

Save Thousands

Traditional real estate agents are expensive. We eliminate the listing commission and only charge an affordable flat fee for same services


Maximize Profits

Significantly increase your profits. Avoiding skyrocketing real estate commissions means more money in your pocket

Preserve Equity

Retain more of your equity ! You deserve it ! We offer full-service Realtor experience at a fraction of the cost


Clients Love Us And The Savings


Stars" I couldn't be happier that I found Jas to help sell my mother's home in Walnut Creek. He is a bright, polite, knowledgeable agent who was always readily available by phone and email to answer questions and help move things forward. We quickly got the price we wanted, and Help-U-Sell's flat rate was less than a fifth of what we would have had to pay to a more traditional agent asking 5-6%. I can't think of any reason not to use Jas' services if you have a home to sell. He's the best! "



"Jas was my agent for the sale of my first home. I was grateful to work with him because he was exceptionally receptive to questions and was accessible and very timely in his responses via phone, text, or email. We worked with a very challenging agent representing the buyer of my home and Jas conducted himself very professionally throughout the process. I felt like he earned his flat-rate commission by helping me in numerous ways, especially when he assisted in letting in repairmen multiple times to my home when I couldn't be there. I felt he was a strong advocate for me, I knew I could depend on him, and I'd highly recommend him to other sellers."

Home Sold


"I worked with Jas to help me sell my daughter's home in Crystal Ranch, Concord. He was very helpful throughout the process and very responsive. Help U Sell is the best way to save on fees and the best way to expedite the entire process from receiving an offer to negotiating terms and completing the transaction. I was so impressed with Jas and Help U Sell that I asked him for more cards to hand out to visitors that came for our open house showings. He provided the photos for the internet sites, the signage we needed; and was always very professional. Jas exceeded my expectations and I would not hesitate to use him again"

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