How Are We Different

With the advancement in technology, home sellers now have more than one option to sell their homes. The traditional 6% commission model is now outdated and hard to justify in these modern times. Most buyers are now finding their next home themselves through online search thus saving Realtors considerable effort to market their listing. However this less effort has not been matched by lower commissions. In fact, the actual commission amount continues to go up with rising home prices. This has given rise to several alternative forms to sell their homes.

Sellers now sell their homes in one of the following ways:

  1. Traditional Real Estate Brokerages -  charging 5 or 6% of the sale price
  2. Discount Brokers – Providing limited service with discounted commission rates
  3. Online Real Estate Companies –  Selling homes remotely via online with no Realtor contact
  4. For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

A better alternative all these is the Help-U-Sell model which provides Full-Service, charges a Low Set Fee and makes extensive use of technology to market your home across all the real estate popular websites. With over 40 years in existence, Help-U-Sell is a proven model and a pioneer in saving homeowners money in real estate commissions.


How is Help-U-Sell different from the "Traditional" Brokerages?

The most obvious distinction between Help-U-Sell and the traditional agents is the commission structure. Traditional Realtors generally charge home sellers a percentage of the sale value. This usually varies between 5-6 percent. Help-U-Sell offices charge a Set Fee instead of heavy commissions. This varies with the local offices and could be as low as $5950.

How is Help-U-Sell different from "Discount" Brokerages?

Help-U-Sell is not a discount real estate company. It is a full-service brokerage that charges a set fee. Unlike discount brokers, it does not compromise on its services. It provides all the services you would expect from a knowledgeable, licensed Realtor but at a substantially less cost thereby saving you equity in your house.

How is Help-U-Sell different from "For Sale by Owner"?

Many homeowners plan to sell their home without the help of a Realtor or a real estate broker (FSBOs). We fully understand their reason for undertaking this journey. They detest the idea of paying high commissions and share their hard-earned equity with real estate professionals. Our model is a perfect fit for such homeowners. They not only save thousands in real estate commissions but also keep control over the selling process.

For those FSBOs who still would like to sell their home themselves, Help-U-Sell offers a popular “Paperwork Only” program to assist them with the sales contract, disclosures and other closing paperwork at a very low fixed fee.


Help-U-Sell Advantage

SAVINGS – We save you money – whether buying or selling.

SET FEE - Unlike most real estate companies, we give you the Set Fee option to sell your home.

MENU OF SERVICES – We give you the option to choose from the different levels of services, based on your budget to help you sell your home.

BUYERS REBATE – Buyers save with Help-U-Sell too. We rebate 25% of the commissions we receive to our clients to help them with their closing costs or use it anyway they like.

SELLER'S REBATE – We offer Sellers a commission rebate when they use us to purchase their next home. Sellers save double when they sell and buy a home through us.

INCENTIVES - We offer lucrative incentives to investors, multiple-property and repeat clients.

SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE – We are easily accessible via phone, text, email at any time of the day to answer your questions.

LOCAL AREA EXPERTS – We know and understand the local real estate market very well. We will guide you in all aspects of buying in a particular neighborhood.

PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS – We do dozens of contracts every year. We will protect your rights in every possible way when we negotiate your contract.

CUTTING-EDGE MARKETING – We offer more marketing to our clients than any other. We use the reach of the internet and social media to expose your listing locally and nationally.

EXPERIENCE – You will in most cases deal with Jas Deepak, the real estate Broker himself. Jas is a professional with a Master's Degree in Business Administration and over a decade of experience in real estate. He is readily available even after the business hours to help you with your questions.

MEMBERSHIP - We are members of the National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and the local, BayEast Association of REALTORS.


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