Home Buyer Rebate Program

Buying a Home is More Affordable with Several Thousand in Rebates


When you appoint us to be your Buyer’s Agent, we help you buy a home just like any other real estate agent with one big difference…. at closing, you will get a credit for 25% of the commission that we receive from the seller. Depending on the purchase price, this could be in thousands of dollars.  You can use this money to pay down your closing costs or pay for upgrades, furniture, moving expenses,s or on anything else you choose. We help you keep more money in your wallet.


How Does The Buyer Rebate Program Work?


  • Hire Us: You sign a Buyer/Broker Agreement to appoint us as your  Buyer’s Agent.
  • Search Home: We help you in your search to find the home that meets your needs, lifestyle, and your budget.
  • Make Offer: We prepare the offer and counters and use our many years of experience to negotiate the best possible purchase price for you.
  • Due Diligence: When an offer is accepted, we will coordinate the necessary inspections, appraisal, and required disclosures.
  • Close: We will manage the entire escrow process to close it successfully
  • Rebate: After closing, we will write you a check for 25% of the commission received.



Buyer Rebate FAQ

Are Buyer Rebates Legal?

Absolutely.  It is legal to offer Buyer Rebates in 40 states including California. According to the US Department of Justice, Rebates make homes less expensive. It encourages competition to bring down the cost of selling a home and helping consumers save thousands of dollars. You can read more about Buyer Rebates on their website at https://www.justice.gov/atr/public/real_estate/rebates.html

How much rebate will I receive?

You will receive a check for 25% of the commissions we receive from the seller (usually 2.5 - 3 % of the purchase price). For example, if you buy a home for $750,000 which has a 3% commission then you will receive $ 5,625 in Buyer Rebate:

$750,000 X 3% = $22,500 X 25% = $5,625

When will I receive the rebate?

You will receive the rebate as a credit to your closing costs or in some cases, immediately after closing when we receive our commission check from the escrow.

When and What do I need to do to make sure I can get the rebate?

You need to sign up for the 25% Buyer Rebate program to receive the rebate.

How can you afford to rebate?

We are responding to today’s buyer needs. Modern technology has changed the way consumers find homes.
Websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.Com, Homes.Com, etc. provide a wealth of information to a buyer that was accessible only to a REALTOR just a few years ago.  However traditional agents have not adjusted to this fact and continue to charge a full 6% commission to the sellers.
We understand the change today’s consumers want….buy or sell a home at a reasonable cost. To meet the needs of today’s informed consumers we offer unique, low-cost selling options to the sellers and rebates to the buyers.

How long will the Buyer/Broker Agreement last?

The agreement is of no risk to you. You can cancel at any time you want and at no cost. It’s totally risk-free.

Will you commit to my program in writing?

Absolutely, we will confirm your participation in the program when you sign-up for the Buyer/Broker Agreement.

Can I get more information on your 25% Buyer Rebate program?

You can call us at 925-943-2121 or email us for any further questions.

I can't wait. How do I get started?

Sign the  Buyer/Broker Agreement and either fax it back at 925-300-9486  or email it to us at jasdeepak@helpusell.com. We will contact you once we receive your agreement form.

Buy With Confidence & SAVE!