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3-Ways To Save When Selling your Home

Planning to sell your house? Hate paying high real estate commissions. At Help-U-Sell, we believe today’s home sellers deserve a better deal. The internet and social media have given homeowners enormous information about the current market, empowering them to make smart decisions about the sale of their property. They are starting to realize that they no longer need to pay high Realtor commissions for a great result.

Consequently, today’s homeowner wants more participation and control in the sale of their home. They want more choices from their real estate company and want to pay a reasonable price for it.

That’s where Help-U-Sell comes in. We provide several service options to our customers without charging them a high real estate commission. Our extensive marketing efforts and exposure equal or exceed that of most typical real estate agents. And unlike discount brokers, we are a full-service company and provide full representation, from start to finish.


Choose any plan


We offer three ways to sell your home:

1 – Full Service: You get all the services of a traditional agent, but at a lower cost than what you would normally pay them.

2 – MLS Option: This will expose your listing to other agents in the area.

3 – Sell it yourself: You can handle all aspects of the sale yourself and just use us as your broker to close the deal when you do find a buyer.

The choice is yours! Pick only the services you want, whenever you want them, based on your budget and convenience.

And no matter what option you choose – you’ll always save money. Guaranteed! 


Save thousands either way


Selling your property doesn’t have to be a headache. With our Basic Service Plan, we cover all the bases for you—from handling all the marketing, contracts, negotiations, paperwork, escrow coordination, and beyond—at a low set fee. We’ll even show you your home if you can’t.

With our system and package options, you’ll be able to sell your property with ease—and fast.

We handle all the marketing, contracts, negotiations, paperwork, escrow coordination, etc. We provide all the services of a traditional agent at a low set fee. The only thing we expect you to do is to show your home. If you cannot, we’ll do it for you for a small Fee.

Our comprehensive marketing includes color photographs, virtual tours, website advertising (including social media exposure), and all related signage and property flyers that you would get from a traditional agent. We expose your property to hundreds of buyers, locally and nationally, using our exclusive marketing system.


Pick this option and you will save the maximum in real estate commission


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With our MLS Option, you can sell your home faster by exposing it to all the real estate agents in the area.

The MLS is the most comprehensive database of homes for sale, and it’s where real estate agents go when they’re looking for properties to buy or sell. It’s also where the big property websites like Zillow and Trulia get their information from.

By listing your property on the MLS, we can make sure that it shows up on all of those sites as well as hundreds of local agent networks. Make sure that people see all of your home’s best features by including a virtual tour and color photos in your listing!


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The Full-Service Option is our most popular since it lets you take advantage of all the tools we have to offer. When you work with us, we’ll review your home’s value and make recommendations for repairs or updates based on the current market. We’ll also help you stage your home in order to make it look amazing while potential buyers are touring it.

We’ll review your options for listing on MLS (multiple listing service), which will let other agents know that your home is available and give them information about its features and value. This can be a great way to get a wide range of agents involved in showing your home and helping you find serious, qualified buyers. We can also list your home on sites like Zillow, Trulia,, and more!

With the full-service option, you will get all the services that are provided by a traditional Realtor but at a low cost!.




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