Move Up Buyers
Move Up & Save Program
A Unique Program, Offered Only By Help-U-Sell Allied Realty.

Call 925-943-2121 if you have a home to sell and a home to buy ! You'll Save Thousands ! Guaranteed.

Are you ready to sell your current home and upgrade to another one? Many buyers are in that phase of their life when they need to sell their existing home and upgrade to to a bigger home in a better neighborhood. We at Help-U-Sell Allied realty are here ready to help you sell your current home as well as find your a new one - anywhere in the Bay Area.

Ready for the details?

Help-U-Sell Allied Realty combines the best of its selling and buying programs to save you thousands of dollars.Your savings will double when you save in both, buying and selling transaction.

Under this program, You will pay significantly less to sell your home and at the same time benefit from the full services of a real estate professional? The result? You'll save more money to put in your pocket without sacrificing your home's exposure. Plus you will receive the quality of service you deserve. By selling your home for a reduced commission Our unique program allows sellers to hold on to thousands of dollars in hard earned equity!

Your savings will pile up When you buy your new home from us. You will get all the benefits of a full time Realtor and also receive 30% of the commission we receive. That would typically be $4,500 on a $500,000 home!

What can you use your rebate for?:

Buy down points on your loan or lower fees.
Use it toward your closing costs.
Get a check at the closing table to use as you please!

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