A process on buying new homes for sale

 Consult with a Help-U-Sell® Real Estate Broker.

 If you have not arranged for a home loan already, an appointment will be scheduled with a lender where you will discuss home loan programs and obtain pre-approval.

 Develop a list of needs and wants with your Help-U-Sell Real Estate Broker and then begin your new home selection process.

 Choose a new home for sale, and then let your Help-U-Sell Real Estate Broker begin the negotiation process on your behalf.

 Great news! Your offer has been accepted! Your Help-U-Sell Broker will track the progress of your home loan and make sure all contract details and/or contingencies are met on time.

 Your Help-U-Sell Broker will attend any inspections with you and discuss results.

The Help-U-Sell Broker will call with the time and place of your closing. You will also receive information regarding any money due at signing. The Help-U-Sell Broker will be at your closing to assist with any last-minute concerns.

 Congratulations on your new home! Once you're settled, a Home Services Specialist will contact you to offer assistance or recommendations for your new home's needs.

Seen Enough?  Search new homes for sale, may we suggest reading your home buyer rights and other information to the left on buying a new home.