Calling a real estate office and connecting with an agent who tells you not only about the property you’re calling on but about three others that are similar and close by…
 Being offered great free tools that make your home search easier…
 Taking advantage of an opportunity to spend a few minutes with a knowledgeable professional to develop a real estate plan, not just for your next house, but for the rest of your life….
 Working in partnership with a local expert to find the perfect house at the right price with the best financing.

It happens every day at Help-U-Sell® Real Estate.

That’s because our buyers’ agents begin their careers in a comprehensive, activity-driven training program, ‘Science to Sales.’ It’s been hailed by industry experts as the finest buyers’ agent training program in the industry, and after a few intense weeks, produces agents who know more about the local market, financing and contracts than many agents with years in the business.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate’s ‘Science to Sales’ trained buyers’ agents are absolutely clear about the great value they bring to the transactions on which they work and their buyer clients perceive this value from the very first interaction. Isn’t that what sales is all about? It’s not about getting people to do things they don’t want to do. We think it’s about being so valuable in the transaction that buyers can’t imagine proceeding without their agents!

Working with a Help-U-Sell Real Estate buyers’ agent is different. That’s because the agent is focused only on the buyers’ side of the transaction. The agent is not chasing down a new listing or trying to meet an advertising deadline or holding an open house. Those activities are handled by other people in the office. Our buyers’ agents are just that: Buyers’ agents focused on and dedicated to home Buyers and their unique issues. It’s the kind of help home Buyers have always dreamed about.

Often, in addition to the ‘normal’ financing routes many agents know, there are special programs available through local municipalities, state governments, and non-profit groups. Sometimes these programs can mean lower down payments, lower interest rates and even reduced purchase prices. Unfortunately, because these programs are unusual and don’t flow through normal mortgage lending channels, many agents know nothing about them. At Help-U-Sell Real Estate, we pride ourselves in knowing every possible avenue to purchase available in our local markets and bring them into play whenever possible.

Not only does a Help-U-Sell Real Estate buyers’ agent have access to all the homes on the market, regardless of which broker has the listing, he also has access to some listings only available to Help-U-Sell Real Estate agents. Often these are listings where the seller is saving significantly on sales commissions, the seller may be in a better position to negotiate.

Home Buyers who want some benefit, some value from the agent working through their transactions, who want to feel comfortable and confident that they are getting the best help possible in their home-purchase projects should call Help-U-Sell Real Estate!